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I just couldn’t wait to add these to the shop today:

I’m so excited about Christmas this year, and these were so much fun to make! I just started to experiment with watercolors, and I love them. More to come soon!


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This one has been in the works for a long time, but here it is at last!  Inspired by my trips to Paris and walks through Montmartre:

I loved my walks through that neighborhood and the Sacre-Coeur in particular was one of my favorite landmarks.  Just gorgeous.  This takes me back…

Available now in my etsy shop!

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Melissa at PugNotes was kind enough to let me know that one of my artworks was featured in a guide for pet lovers on etsy yesterday!


Can you see henri repeats in the middle towards the bottom?  This is so super exciting!

Thanks again Melissa and thanks etsy!

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Well, I have been noticing a lot of moustache action lately. Have you?

So I suggested to Liz that for her next drawing of me, she add one to my face. It’s just like a different version of my whiskers, in a way.

Prints available in my etsy shop.

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I have a cousin who is a chihuahua. His name is Buster Jones.

Unfortunately, we sort of hate each other.

It’s not my fault. I try to play with him when he visits, but he just growls at me and runs away. So, I get back at him by stealing his food and not letting him eat any of mine. The rest of the time we just ignore each other.

But I will admit he is pretty cute.

Do you remember when I told you Liz made a piece called “Henri Repeats”? Well, she made one of Buster, and here it is:

Nice, but one Buster is enough for me.

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Liz wanted me to share her latest with you. It should go up in our etsy shop tomorrow or the day after…she is trying to think of cute ways to photograph it.

None of which can happen now, because it is dark, and she has noticed that most things only turn out well in daylight.

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Liz has been continuing to work on the “henri with hearts” series, and this is a glimpse of her desk from last night:

And today, she finally updated her etsy shop! With the red one:

This is her favorite one so far. I do think I look good in blue. Don’t you?

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