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I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday with friends and family and best wishes for 2011.  It promises to be a wonderful new year!


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I just couldn’t wait to add these to the shop today:

I’m so excited about Christmas this year, and these were so much fun to make! I just started to experiment with watercolors, and I love them. More to come soon!

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I found out the other day that our Thanksgiving vacation to Palm Springs has been booked…it’s on!

Last year was so hectic with the new addition to the family I didn’t get to share my trip with you but rest assured I had a fabulous time in Palm Springs.  Aside from the heat of course, it’s my kind of town.  Fashionable, foodie, comfortable and relaxing…what more can you ask for?  I’m really looking forward to going again this year and I thought I’d share a few pics from the last year with you, since I haven’t gotten around to it before.  Are you ready?

I rode up there in my usual spot:

When I arrived I saw immediately that I would feel at home here:

And of course, I did make myself right at home.  There was lots of this:

A little of this:

A lot of this:

Oh and did I mention this??:

Can’t wait to go back!

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When the heat of summer hits my favorite time of day to walk is the evening. It’s cool, breezy, and everything glows in the fading light. The perfect setting for a portrait:

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Hmm…I think I spot some crumbs at the bottom of this bowl…thanks Noah!

Wait a second…no need to push it onto my head!

Got em all…but not exactly what I had in mind!

Could someone get this thing off my head instead of just taking pictures!  Jeez…

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Donuts Plz

Whenever we go to our local 7-11, I am on the lookout for treats.

Found them!  I’ll take one with sprinkles, please…

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A weekend would not be a weekend without some of this:

Hope you got some Sunday snoozing in, too!

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