Hmm…I think I spot some crumbs at the bottom of this bowl…thanks Noah!

Wait a second…no need to push it onto my head!

Got em all…but not exactly what I had in mind!

Could someone get this thing off my head instead of just taking pictures!  Jeez…


Donuts Plz

Whenever we go to our local 7-11, I am on the lookout for treats.

Found them!  I’ll take one with sprinkles, please…

Sunday Snoozing

A weekend would not be a weekend without some of this:

Hope you got some Sunday snoozing in, too!

Riding in Style

I have lately taken to hitching a ride with Noah when we are out and about. Sometimes Liz walks so fast and I get tired…There is juust enough room for me on the footrest of the Bob stroller…Liz walks next to me in case I lose my balance, but once I get comfy I do a great job of staying on!

In fact sometimes I do not even want to get off, once we arrive at our destination…

Picture 53

Here I am at the park the other day with my new friend. I decided to just stay on the stroller and relax for a while longer!

At The Park

This is a lot of what I do lately:

I love the park!

Henri Waiting – Print

The most recent addition to the shop– my latest mini painting is now available as a print!

Hello again!

My friends, I have missed you.  Life has been busy with my new little brother and the days are just flying by!  I hope to be back a bit more regularly now.  I will do my best to fill you in on a bit of what has been going on in recent months.  For a start, my little bro turned ONE last week.  I can’t believe he has been around for a year already.  He is a delight, but I have to admit I do get tired of his attention at times…if only he would learn to be a little lest pesty and a bit more obliging in the scratching department…

Anyway.  The theme of his party was “monsters” and here I am with some party favors:

Sadly there were none for me!  But I did enjoy all the attention I got at the party.  Even the cute birthday boy couldn’t completely distract everyone from my charming self!